How Long After a Car Accident Do You Have to Go to the Hospital?

July 24, 2023

When individuals are involved in a vehicle accident, there may be injuries to contend with. Sometimes, these injuries are obvious and individuals seek medical attention right away due to the injury severity. However, there are times when individuals feel little to no pain at all in the immediate aftermath of an accident, and seeking medical care may be delayed. Here, we want to review when car accident victims should seek attention from a medical professional.

Immediate Medical Care is Recommended After a Vehicle Accident

The number one priority after a vehicle accident is your health and well-being. We always recommend that vehicle accident victims seek immediate medical care. Depending on the initial severity of the injury, this may include being seen by EMS personnel at the scene of the incident and taking an ambulance to the hospital.

However, even if an individual does not go to the hospital by ambulance, our car accidents attorneys strongly recommend that they go right to an emergency clinic or the emergency room from the scene of the incident. All too often, individuals do sustain injuries in a vehicle accident but are not aware of it right away. There are various types of injuries that have delayed signs and symptoms. Right after a traumatic incident occurs, our bodies get flooded with adrenaline that can mask the pain of injuries. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms of injuries do not appear until this adrenaline begins to wear off.

By seeking prompt medical care after a vehicle accident, individuals are not only ensuring that their health and well-being are the priority. They are also establishing a solid link between any injuries that arise and the incident. Insurance carriers will look very closely at how long it takes a person to seek medical treatment after an incident if they make a claim against another party.

Delayed Symptoms of Injuries

As we mentioned above, there are various reasons that injuries may not show up right away. The adrenaline can mask symptoms, and sometimes, swelling occurs over a longer period of time, and symptoms do not show up until hours or even more than a day later.

Any person who believes they have sustained an injury caused by a vehicle accident needs to seek medical treatment as soon as they notice the symptoms. There is no exact time frame for when a person has to go to the hospital after a vehicle accident, but the important factor will be that a person sought treatment as soon as they knew about the symptoms.

Even though there is no exact deadline for going to the hospital after an accident, it is important to understand that the longer an individual waits to seek treatment, the more likely it is for the claim to be denied or less than expected.

If you have any questions about medical treatment after a vehicle accident, we strongly encourage you to call your primary care physician right now. If you are experiencing any injury symptoms, go to the emergency room immediately. You should also reach out to Manchin Ferretti Injury Law Group for advice on the types of medical treatment you may need to help ensure your settlement is fair for you.


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