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December 30, 2020

If you or a loved one are involved in an accident on the roadways of West Virginia, there are various types of evidence that you will need to prove the liability of the other party so you can secure compensation. One of the key pieces of evidence that you need to get ahold of is the police report. Here, we want to discuss how to get a police report for your vehicle accident, why a police report is important for your insurance claim, and how an attorney can help you obtained the police report after the crash.

Why is the Police Report Important?

A police report is going to be filled out anytime a police officer responds to an accident. It will contain various information that will be important when it comes to securing an insurance settlement after the incident. This includes:

  • The officer’s detailed observations about the car accident scene
  • Statements from the parties involved
  • Insurance information from all drivers
  • Contact information of any eyewitnesses or other parties involved
  • The officer’s preliminary determination of who was at fault
  • The officer’s description of damages
  • Various other types of information pertinent to the incident

The sooner an accident victim knows what is in the police report, the more effectively they and their personal injury attorney will be able to prepare their insurance claim or a possible personal injury lawsuit. It is crucial to know that police reports are not the final say in determining who was at fault for the incident. There are times when the information in a police report is incomplete or inaccurate.

However, the police report will be one facet included in the overall case an attorney will use to prove fault said that the attorney can obtain maximum compensation on behalf of their client. In many cases, the insurance company will not settle a claim until after they have received the accident report.

How to Get an Accident Report in West Virginia

If you secure an attorney very soon after an accident occurs, you will be able to count on them obtaining the accident report on your behalf. A skilled Martinsburg car accident lawyer will have extensive experience handling these matters and will know exactly where to go to get the report needed to advance your case. Your attorney will handle every aspect of your case, from obtaining the police report to gathering any other evidence necessary to prove liability and negotiating with insurance carriers.

If you are obtaining the police report on your own, you need to know that the procedure for collecting police reports after a crash in West Virginia depends on where the incident happened and which police department responded to the crash. If you are not using a lawyer to help with your crash, your best chance of getting your police report will be to call the police department that responded and ask them what the process is. There may be some fees and additional waiting periods.

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