What to do After a Car Accident in Martinsburg

March 30, 2020

A car accident can be a scary and confusing experience. Victims often wonder what steps they need to take to ensure their well-being while also maximizing their chances of receiving full compensation for the incident. Here, we want to review some basic steps you can take after a car accident that will help your case:

1. Stop the Car and Get to Safety

Do not leave the scene of a crash, even a minor one. Pull to a safe location and turn off your car. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries and call 911 to report the accident.

2. Seek Medical Attention

The most important thing you can do after a car accident is to seek medical attention. Even if you only have minor injuries, you need to let a doctor evaluate you. This will ensure your well-being while also establishing that your injuries occurred in the car accident.

3. Gather Evidence

Use your smartphone or another camera to take pictures of everything at the scene. This includes any vehicles involved, damages to the vehicles, debris thrown around the crash scene, any injuries, traffic patterns, weather conditions, and more.

4. Gather Eyewitness Information

If there were any bystanders, or if other drivers stopped to help, get their names and contact information. Their statements could be valuable for your insurance settlement or during a personal injury lawsuit.

5. Speak to an Attorney

You should speak to a skilled car accident attorney in Martinsburg soon after an accident occurs. An attorney will usually offer a free consultation and to be able to advise you on the best path forward.

6. Report the Incident to the Insurance Carrier

Notify your insurance carrier as soon as possible. You do not have to go into detail about the incident right away. Just let the insurer know the basics of the crash and that you will be seeking medical care.

7. Do Not Rush a Settlement

It can be tempting to want to obtain a quick settlement after a crash, but you should not do so until you know the full extent of your injuries. Wait until you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) before agreeing to any settlement amount.

How Will an Attorney Help your Case?

Most car accident victims do not have the resources or legal experience necessary to properly pursue compensation for their case. At Manchin Ferretti Injury Law, we will handle every aspect of your case, which will include:

  • Gathering all evidence from the accident scene, including photos and video surveillance, eyewitness statements, and the police report.
  • Ensuring that your medical records are evaluated by a trusted healthcare professional who will properly assess the full extent of your injuries.
  • Negotiating with all parties involved, including aggressive insurance carriers, to secure all compensation you are entitled to.

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