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Martinsburg Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you are a victim of medical malpractice in Martinsburg, West Virginia, contact the medical malpractice lawyers at Manchin Ferretti Injury Law. You could be eligible for compensation from the at-fault physician or facility.

You trust doctors and nurses to take good care of you when you need it the most. It is your legal right to expect certain standards of care when you visit a doctor’s office, hospital or emergency center. Unfortunately, not every health care provider fulfills the mandatory standards of patient care. Medical negligence and malpractice can cause serious patient injuries, illnesses, infections, and death.

Why Choose Us for your Medical Malpractice Lawyers?

  • We have helped to recover millions of dollars in results for past clients.
  • Our personal injury attorneys in Martinsburg offer an extraordinary level of customer service to our medical malpractice clients.
  • We are aggressive in our pursuit of recovery, even if that means going to court.
  • Our law firm has more than 75 years of combined practice area experience.
  • We accept Martinsburg medical malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis.

What is the Difference Between Medical Negligence and Malpractice?

Medical negligence and malpractice are similar in that they both involve the mistake of a health care professional that causes harm to a patient. Negligence is unintentional, however, while malpractice is the intentional mishandling of a patient’s care. While the health care provider may not have meant to hurt the patient in either case, malpractice involves the intentional breaking of a rule or breaching of a duty of care, while negligence is just an accident.

As an injured patient, you could have grounds for a claim for both types of medical mistakes. Speak to a medical malpractice lawyer to learn more about your options for a medical malpractice case in Martinsburg, WV.

Examples of Medical Malpractice or Negligence

The first step in recovering compensation for your losses is identifying the presence of medical negligence or malpractice. You will not have grounds for a claim unless you suffered real damages because of the incident, such as physical injuries or the loss of a loved one’s life. Once you have suffered damages, look back at your medical care to see if you can detect one or more of the following types of mistakes.

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia mistakes
  • Lack of informed consent for a procedure
  • Emergency room errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Medication errors
  • Poor patient care

You may need to speak to a medical malpractice lawyer to find out if you have been the victim of medical negligence or malpractice. An attorney will have the practice area experience to analyze your case and let you know if signs of malpractice are present. If so, your Martinsburg medical malpractice lawyer may be able to help you bring a claim against the defendant at fault according to West Virginia’s medical malpractice laws.

What are the Medical Malpractice Laws in West Virginia?

Each state has unique laws in terms of when and how an injured patient may bring a medical malpractice claim. Under West Virginia law, you have two years from the date of the malpractice or negligence to bring your lawsuit. In a case involving wrongful death, the clock starts ticking on the date of death.

Your medical malpractice lawyer must prove the medical standard of care using a medical expert to bring a case. The medical expert must be in an appropriate field of medicine based on the details of the claim. He or she must support your grounds for bringing the lawsuit. A lawyer from Manchin Ferretti Injury Law can help you navigate West Virginia’s applicable laws for the strongest possible claim to recover damages, including hiring expert key witnesses.

Contact a Martinsburg Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

Medical negligence and malpractice are serious wrongdoings that can compromise a patient’s wellbeing. All doctors, nurses, surgeons, hospitals and other health care entities have a legal obligation to reasonably ensure the safety of patients in their care. Negligently, recklessly or intentionally failing to meet this duty of care is grounds for a lawsuit in West Virginia.

If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries or damages because of alleged medical negligence or medical malpractice, please contact the Martinsburg medical malpractice lawyers at Manchin Ferretti Injury Law at (304) 264-8505. Our law firm can review your case for free and provide legal services to help you recover damages.

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